1885B was an ABC timeline, and a year in the 19th century.


This timeline was created when Marty McFly travelled from 1955D to save Dr. Emmett Brown from being shot in the back by Buford Tannen.

In this timeline, Marty McFly met his ancestors Seamus McFly, Maggie McFly and new-born William McFly in the McFly Farm. He met up with Dr. Emmett Brown on September 3 by being hanged by Buford's gang and being saved by a shot on the rope by Dr. Emmett Brown.

The grave of Dr. Emmett Brown in 1955D at the Boot Hill Cemetery had his name being removed on September 5 but the tombstone and dates itself still remaining on the photograph of the tombstone. This happened by Marty McFly using a frisbee plate to block the shot to kill Dr. Emmett Brown by Buford Tannen and agreeing a duel with him on September 7. It then slowly increases the chances of Marty McFly (alias Clint Eastwood)'s name being replaced for it's grave by being shot by Buford Tannen.

The duel on September 7 occurred with Marty McFly wanting to settle the duel with Buford Tannen, only to then still be shot. Assuming Marty McFly was dead then, he had a bulletproof vest on which blocked the shot and a punch by Buford Tannen. Marty McFly then punched him numerous times to then be unconscious and fall into the A. Jones Manure Hauling. Marty McFly had travelled back to 1985 later that day leaving Dr. Emmett Brown and Clara Clayton behind in this timeline.