1893 was a year in the 19th century.


  • Thursday, April 20: Harold Lloyd is born in Burchard, Nebraska.
  • Monday, June 12: The Brown family (consisting of Emmett, Clara, Jules and Verne) attempt a trip to 1985 in the Jules Verne train, but fail.
  • Sunday, August 13: Doc Brown left his family for the future in his steam time car, intending to go to 2015 to pick up items he needed to complete the Jules Verne train. The time travel was a success, however due to the 19th century parts he had to use, there was a fluctuation in the space-time continuum. Doc ended up in 2035 instead of 2015, and, although he told his family he'd return seconds after he left, he didn't return home that night.
  • Monday, August 14:
    • Morning: Doc had been missing for a day, so Clara wrote a letter and brought it to the Western Union, as Doc had previously done. She left the note with instructions for it to be delivered to Marty McFly at "the highest attainable level of education prior to university, on the first Monday of March, 1986".
    • Evening: Thanks to Marty and Jennifer Parker, Doc was able to return from the future due to using both his temporal field generator Mk II and a second DeLorean, which he outfitted with the flux capacitor and time circuits from the steam time car. He brought Einstein with him from 1986.
      • Doc made sure to return in the second DeLorean time machine on the evening that Clara wrote the letter. He needed to be sure that he would still be absent, allowing her to send the letter, as it was necessary in making sure he arrived home safely. When he arrived, Einstein happily licked Clara, while Doc hugged his sons.
  • Thursday, September 7:
    • Doc forgot the anniversary of the day that he met Clara, and took off in the second DeLorean to 2017, with Verne, who hid in the back seat.
    • Moments after they left, Doc and Verne return home, with a gift for Clara and hover conversion components for the second DeLorean and the Jules Verne train. Doc gave Clara the gift he purchased for her, the Jules Verne novel Lighthouse at the End of the World. Clara gave Doc a pen and a notebook so he won't forget any more anniversaries.
  • Saturday, September 9: Emmett Brown finished building his time train by installing the 21st century parts in a steam locomotive. Clara, Jules, Verne, and Einstein traveled with him to 2038 to a theme park that was modeled after 19th century ideas about the future. Afterward, they went to 1985 so Doc could introduce his family to Marty and Jennifer.