1931B was the version of 1931 in the timeline that was created when Edna Strickland took the DeLorean time machine back in time to 1876, where she set off a fire in the Palace Saloon that led to all of Hill Valley being burned down. Edna then went to live in a rusty old house, and went by the name Mary Pickford; she was also often referred to as "Scary Mary." She maintained her habit of collecting newspapers, though it was the Haysville Herald instead of the Hill Valley Telegraph.

Other changes noted include William McFly working for Haysville Mercantile Deliveries rather than Hill Valley Mercantile Deliveries and Arthur McFly apparently not meeting Sylvia Miskin.[1]


  • October 13: After rippling into the new timeline, a time-lost Marty McFly and Doc Brown were aided in finding Edna with the help of William McFly. After getting her to admit to destroying Hill Valley, Edna is about to kill the two until William arrives to distract her.



  1. When asked about Arthur marrying Trixie, William dismisses it as Arthur isn't able to talk to girls.