1962 was a year in the 20th century.


  • Timeline 1:
  • Timeline 2:
    • Wednesday, August 1: Doc's mansion burned down.
    • Wednesday, October 24: Upon seeing the charred remains of the mansion, Lomax and Groves came and left, without ever talking to Doc, when Goldie Wilson informed them that most people in Hill Valley viewed him as an insurance thief.
    • Sunday, October 28: The Cuban Missile Crisis resolved itself, but Groves and Lomax were determined to find someone to build a time machine since the crisis nearly got out of hand.
    • Unknown dates:
      • Doc was awarded insurance money after the result of the investigation into the fire that burned down his family mansion was ruled inconclusive. He used the money to fund his experiments, including the improved temporal field generator Mk II.
      • Lomax and Groves went to another scientist, Marcus Irving, letting him believe that he was their first choice for the project. Irving agreed to the project, and spent the next 24 years working on time travel.

Behind the scenes[]