1971A was an ABC timeline and a year in the 20th century. It was created when an elderly Biff Tannen from 2015 gave his younger self from 1955 a sports almanac to make himself rich.


  • Thursday, January 21:
  • Friday, January 22:
    • Vice Principal Strickland received a box of cigars with a card that claimed they were from someone thanking him for standing up to Biff Tannen. He lit one in his office at the Hill Valley High School, and Biff took a photograph of him through the window. The cigar exploded in his face, and his office caught on fire. He tried to use a fire extinguisher to put the fire out, but Biff rigged it to accelerate the flames instead. Strickland rushed all of the teachers and students out of the school, and Biff sent the photograph to the authorities.
  • Dates unknown:
    • The Hill Valley Telegraph published the photograph of Vice Principal Strickland smoking the cigar in his office. S.S. Strickland was suspended from the city council pending an investigation into the fire.
    • With Strickland off the council, Biff's mansion plans were approved.
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