1979 was a year in the 20th century and final year of the 1970s. In the original Timeline, George McFly had a Chevrolet Nova model from this year.


Regular timeline[]

  • Monday, October 8:
    • Douglas J. Needles moves to Hill Valley from Bakersville. He vomits on his first day at his new school due to his nervousness. Marty McFly tries to befriend him, but Doug becomes jealous and begins insulting him, trying to become popular. He forces himself into Marty's band using his his mother's wealth.
    • Date Unknown: Marty's other band mates want to kick Doug out of the band, but Marty feels sorry for him. Doug overhears this, and calls Marty chicken for letting other people handle things. He reveals that he is going to start his own band, that he had shaved his hair into a mohawk, and began referring to himself as Needles. He whispers to Marty that he was the only person who was nice to him, but continues his front of antagonizing Marty in an effort to gain popularity.

1985A / 2015C timeline[]

Behind the scenes[]

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