1985C is an ABC timeline and a year in the 20th century. It was created when Emmett Brown and his family came to 1985 in the Jules Verne train.

Sometime that summer, Marty saved up for the Toyota Hilux truck, and his father paid for the remaining cost. He took his friends Paul, Lee, and Bobby on a camping trip. During that trip, the latter joined the other three in their band, The Pinheads.

On October 27, shortly after Marty and Jennifer arrived at the site where the diesel locomotive destroyed the DeLorean time machine upon Marty's return from 1885, Doc and his family arrived in the Jules Verne train.

Doc gave Marty the photograph of Marty and himself in front of the clock tower that was about to be placed on the newly completed Hill Valley Courthouse in 1885. Jennifer showed Doc the fax printout that she had taken in 2015, and asks why the "YOU'RE FIRED!" text had been erased. Doc explained that the future hadn't been written, and tells them to make it a good one, before revealing that the train had been hover converted by flying into the air, breaking the time barrier, and traveling to the New York World's Fair in 1939.


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