Marty: "I don't get it, Doc. I mean, how can all this be happening? It's like we're in Hell or something."
Doc: "No, it's Hill Valley, although I can't imagine Hell being much worse."
— At Doc's lab in 1985D, after discovering that George McFly was dead.

1985D, also known as Strick-Tannen 1985 or Bell Valley, was an ABC timeline, and a year in the 20th century.


The timeline was created after an elderly Biff Tannen took the Grays Sports Almanac and stole the DeLorean time machine in 2015, then headed back to 1955 to hand it over to his younger self. As a result, Biff became "the luckiest man on Earth" by successfully betting on everything from horse racing to boxing and amassing a fortune, due to having the results in the almanac.

With Biff in power, history was rewritten to become a totally different 1985 from what it used to be. Hill Valley, once advertised as an idyllic and ideal place to live, became a literal hell on Earth, overwhelmed by skyrocketing crime, murders, drive-by shootings and corrupt officials for the police. The high school was burned down and never rebuilt; armed gangs drove through the neighborhoods terrorizing and even killing some of the residents; the public library was shut down and boarded up; and the old courthouse was turned into a gaudy casino-hotel named Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel, which drew in unsavory types of all kinds. (All the aforementioned actions are criminal, but because Biff owns the police department, nothing can be done and this is a rule for the crime against humanity by Biff.)

Indeed, Marty McFly initially thought he really was in Hell when he found the changed timeline. Dr. Emmett Brown, however, was of the opinion that Hell couldn't be much worse.

Thankfully, this nightmarish alternate timeline ceased to exist when it was overwritten by 1985B after Marty took the sports almanac back from Biff in 1955, and burnt it using a matchbook taken from the Pleasure Paradise (the text on the matchbook's cover changed from PLEASURE PARADISE to AUTO DETAILING as the book was destroyed); and Doc was sent back in time to 1885 when the DeLorean was struck by lightning as a result of the Hill Valley Thunderstorm.

Alternate timeline of events[]

For years in this timeline before and after 1985, see the Bell Valley timeline.

  • Sunday, October 27: Doc, Marty, Jennifer and Einstein arrive back from original 2085 at 9:00 p.m. and eventually find out that things have changed. Marty finds a random African-American family living in the McFly residence and meets the alternate versions of his mother and Biff.
  • Monday, October 28: Marty finds out the truth about Biff and the almanac and narrowly escapes an enraged Biff. Marty and Doc head back to 1955 at 2:42 a.m. first to put history back on track.