Marcus is redeemed

The androids disappear as Marcus changes his future.

1986L was an ABC timeline and a year in the 20th century. It was created when Emmett Brown, Marty McFly, and Marcus Irving traveled back from 1997.


After Marty and Doc were brought to 1997 from 19654 B.C., they were able to escape using a remote control override that sent the second DeLorean time machine towards the beacon, and over Irving's androids. Marty realized that Irving was lonely, and decided that he would confront the younger Irving over that fact.

The DeLorean arrived just as the younger Irving was driving away with the stolen flux capacitor. The older Yugo time machine arrived shortly afterward. The younger Irving was pleased to see his older self at first, until he realized how foreboding he had become.

The older Irving sent out the androids to kill Marty and Doc, as well as everyone else in the way. Irving at first thought that his story about multiple universes was correct, but Marty let him know that he had become a thief and a lonely crazy man, who wasn't afraid to kill to get what he wanted.

Just as the androids were about to kill two bystanders, Gabriela Sanchez, and her niece Maria, Marcus smashed the flux capacitor on top of the android, saving them, and preventing the future from happening. The elder Marcus, the androids, and the steel plated Yugo time machine faded from existence, and Marcus told Gabriela that they were holograms.

Gabriela and Marcus then began to date, and met up with Doc and Marty at Shanerburger, where Jennifer Parker worked. Doc told Marcus that he needed to fix the DeLorean to get back to his family in 1893, and Marcus stated that he would help fix it.

At that point, the two became friends and colleagues. Doc also became a mentor to Marcus, both in time travel as well as how to handle himself while dating.

The time machine was still being repaired when Lorraine Baines McFly told Marty that his uncle, Joey Baines, had been paroled and was being released from Folsom Prison.


  • The androids fade from existence, negating the alternate timeline seen in 1986G.