Marty: "The Future. That's where you're goin'."
Doc: "That's right. Twenty-five years into the future. I've always dreamed of seeing the future. Looking beyond my years. Seeing the progress of mankind. I'll also be able to see who wins the next 25 World Series."
— Before the Libyans arrived

2010 was a year in the 21st century.


On October 26, 1985, Doc Brown of Timeline 1 was preparing to set the time circuits to the year 2010, but the Libyans found him before he could input the new destination time. Doc Brown of Timeline 2 preferred going 30 years ahead, and traveled to 2015 after dropping Marty off at Lyon Estates.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The 1985 World Series was won by Kansas City Royals on October 27, 1985, the day after Doc made this statement. If we assume that 'Doc' didn't have much time for sports while completing the time machine, the 25th World Series he must be talking about (1986-2010), was the 106th World Series, won by the San Francisco Giants. The five game series ended on November 1, 2010. Doc would not have known, at the time, that the 1994 World Series would be canceled because of a strike.
  • On July 5, 2010, TotalFilm.com, a British film website, accidentally sent an incorrect message via Twitter: "Great Scott! It's Future Day! In Back to the Future, Doc Brown sets the time circuits for 25 yrs in the future..that day is today!". The message spread around the Internet, unaware that film fans answered back that the correct date depicted in Back to the Future Part II was October 21, 2015. TotalFilm followed up with a joking apology, "We got it wrong. Apparently 5th July isn't mentioned in Back to the Future. So we went back and changed it", and added a Photoshopped image of the time circuits displaying 05 07 2010. The sarcastic joke backfired, and the image was forwarded as proof the Doc had typed in that date, when actually he only mentioned "25 years in the future" in passing, and later changed his mind to travel 30 years. Another Photoshopped image showing 06 07 2010 on the time circuits circulated the Internet the following day. [1]

Behind the scenes[]