"Whether it's an inter-generational carpool, or a quadruple date through time, this baby's got it."
—Doc Brown

A schematic diagram of the 8-passenger DeLorean.

8-passenger DeLorean side view

Doc's volunteers board the 8-passenger DeLorean.

The 8-passenger DeLorean was a time machine built in 1991 by Dr. Emmett Brown for use by the Institute of Future Technology.


This larger version of the DeLorean time machine was a convertible which could carry eight passengers (hence the name), was faster and more energy efficient, and was equipped with a sub-ether time-tracking scanner.

It also could display time periods that were beyond the capability of the four-digit year system used in the early time circuits, using numbers that represented the temporal Gale-Zemeckis coordinates.

The 8-passenger DeLorean had no steering mechanism, so it had to be remote controlled by Doc, using a sub-ether transmission from his laboratory. It had a camera mounted on the dash so that Doc could communicate, also using sub-ether transmissions, with the time machine's passengers.

It was originally planned to be used to send Doc's time travel volunteers one day into the future. However, Doc was locked in his lab by Biff Tannen, who stole one of the new DeLorean time machines and embarked on a joyride through time. Fortunately, the imprisoned Doc was able to use a remote control to operate the 8-passenger DeLorean, sending the volunteers to chase Biff and 'bump' him back to the present by getting close enough and reaching 88 m.p.h.


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