Jennifers dad amc eagle

Jennifer Parker's father drives into downtown Hill Valley to pick her up.

The AMC Eagle is a four-wheel drive station wagon manufactured in the 1980s by American Motors. It was the first four-wheel drive crossover passenger car in America.


Jennifer Parker's father, Danny Parker Jr., drove an orange wood-panel 1984 AMC Eagle in 1985. Its license plate was 1J V8988.

In 1985A, the Parker residence had a wrecked AMC Hornet parked in the front yard, which may or may not have belonged to Mr. Parker, as there is the possibility that the house wasn't actually occupied by the Parker family in that particular ABC timeline.

Mr. Parker's AMC Eagle made one brief final reappearance in the Parker residence's driveway when Marty McFly drove up there in his Toyota 4x4 to wake Jennifer up, after the Grays Sports Almanac had been destroyed in 1955, restoring the timeline.


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