AT&T's on-screen message appears after Marty finishes his video telephone conversation with Needles.

AT&T, American Telephone and Telegraph, was a company that wired connections for video conferences on video screens, as well as providing video telephones, fax machines and thumb pads to homes, by 2015.


At the end of the video telephone call between Marty McFly and Douglas J. Needles on October 21, 2015, an on-screen message appeared reading "THANK YOU FOR USING AT&T" — the text of which was also read out by a female announcer's voice. The call from Ito T. Fujitsu came through immediately after AT&T's on-screen message, but this acknowledgement was not repeated after the connection was cut off; the screen merely resumed showing changing images of famous works of art courtesy of The Art Channel.

A video payphone bearing the AT&T logo was also present in Courthouse Square, where Marty Jr. was spotted at one point through a binocular card used by Dr. Emmett Brown.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The aforementioned AT&T video payphone in Courthouse Square is only shown from behind, and the telephone itself is never seen on-screen.
  • In Craig Shaw Gardner's novelization, there is no on-screen message from AT&T at the end of the call between Marty and Needles. Instead, the screen goes blank and Marty uses the remote control that operates the video telephone to put The Art Channel back on.


  • The current AT&T logo is very different from that seen in Back to the Future Part II, which appears on the video payphone in Courthouse Square, the McFly residence's thumb pad and on the video screen.


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