A Christmas Carol was a story written by author Charles Dickens and published in December 19, 1843.

The story centered around a rich, elderly man named Ebenezer Scrooge who hated Christmas, and was greedy with his money. Scrooge was visited by his former parter Jacob Marley and three other ghosts. The three of which were The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present and The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come (Also referred to as The Ghost of Christmas Future). Their visit changed him for the better as he started to appreciate Christmas better, and became more generous & caring towards others.

Reference to A Christmas Carol in Back to the Future: The Animated Series

After being told that Ebiffnezer Tannen (based off Ebenezer Scrooge) was a real Scrooge, Marty McFly came up with a plan to rehabilitate him in the vein of A Christmas Carol.

Marty wore a cloak similar to the Ghost of Christmas Future to frighten Ebiffnezer into letting the people out of Debtor's prison, while using the hoverboard to give the appearance of flight (while simply going by the Ghost of Christmas). His attempts at showing Tannen some children being forced to work only reminded him of a kid who owed him money, while being shown a poor, homeless family only made him hungry for their dinner.

In the end, Ebiffnezer changed after witnessing a hologram of Godzilla tearing up Japan in contrast to Ebenezer who felt remorse for his ways.

References to Back to the Future in A Christmas Carol adaptation .

  • Two boys holding onto the back of a carriage, while skating through frozen streets & waving at passers-by, just like Marty did in Back to the Future.

    Scrooge does the same thing near the end of the film!

    Near the beginning of this 2009 time-travel film directed by Robert Zemeckis, two boys are seen holding onto the back of a carriage as they skate on ice-covered streets through town, waving at people, and Scrooge himself does the same near the end of the film, in the same way as Marty did when he was late for school in Back to the Future.
  • Also, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come reveals the name and dates on Scrooge's tombstone by sweeping away the snow one line at a time, in the same dramatic way as Marty sweeps the weeds away from George's tombstone in Back to the Future Part II.


  • The Family Ties episode "A Keaton Christmas Carol" had Alex Keaton (who was played in the series by Michael J. Fox) in the role of Scrooge.
  • Joe Alaskey provided the voice of Daffy Duck, who depicted Ebenezer Scrooge in Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas (released on DVD during November 14, 2006), which was a Looney Tunes styled version of A Christmas Carol.


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