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The Transcript[]

EXT. Somewhere above Hill Valley - Day[]

A green and red hot air balloon floats above Hill Valley. CUT TO a closeup of Doc inside the basket.

Assistant voice: Balloon mount secure. Camera systems activated.

Doc: Greetings! To whoever might be seeing this! Doc Brown here, floating high above Hill Valley! How high? Well--

He opens a tape measure and lets it unfurl downwards.

Doc: Pretty darn high!

He drops the tape measure. It hits someone.

[...]: Ow!

Doc: Sorry, [...]! Advanced technology is wonderful, but sometimes the simplest things are more enjoyable. Up here, I can do anything! I can keep an eye on the local birdlife, I can conduct weather experiments, or I can save the price of a stamp and personally deliver my own mail- airmail, that is!

Doc throws a paper airplane.

Doc: Whoo! For the record, the first hot air balloon was flown by the famous Montgolfier brothers in the year 1783. But, if you happened to have been in England about 400 years earlier, you might have caught a glimpse of another hot air balloon. You see, my wife Clara was, well... it's a long story. It all started on a typical evening in the Brown household, right down there!

Doc leans out to point at his house and falls out of the basket.

EXT. John F. Kennedy Drive - Evening, 1991[]

Doc: Einstein was just returning home from a dinner date with a miniature poodle from next door.

Einstein walks up the path to the front steps of the Brown residence. He puts his paw into the scanner.

Identity scanner: Identity acknowledged. Enter, Einstein.

The dog door opens and Einstein goes inside.

INT. Brown residence - Night[]

Einstein peers into the sitting room. Clara is sitting in an armchair, an electronic marking device on her finger. She notices Einstein.

Clara: Hi, Einstein.

Einstein: Woof!

Clara: I'm sorry, boy, I can't play now. I've got thirty-five midterm English examinations to correct by tomorrow morning.

Clara points her finger at the screen in front of her again. It beeps. The camera pans over to a pair of robotic legs on a treadmill on the other side of the room. A blue wire runs from one end of the machine to Clara's ankles.

Clara: Plus I'm doing my exercises! What a workout!

Einstein leans over to sniff the running machine, and the feet kick him in the nose repeatedly.

INT. Brown living room - Night[]

A train horn can be heard. Jules' Diesel of Doom is speeding down the tracks. In attempting not to get hit, Einstein leaps on top of the train. He runs, somersaults and stumbles along its length as it passes underneath him. Drumming sounds are played, with a cymbal crash as he is thrown off the train. Verne's Killer Porsche circles Einstein as he stands on his hind legs. Lifting one leg to avoid it, he spins around and becomes dizzy, landing on the tracks again. The Diesel of Doom is heading straight for him, but stops just short of his nose.

Verne: Hey! Einstein! Move it, will ya? We're trying to play 'Turbo-Liner Death Race'!

Jules: Yes, your unscheduled presence on the tracks makes it virtually impossible for my Diesel of Doom to catch Verne's Killer Porsche.

Disgruntled, Einstein steps off the tracks and narrowly avoids the Diesel of Doom as Jules starts it up again.

INT. Brown laundry room - Night[]

Einstein jumps into his bed and rolls over three times. He flicks a switch with his nose, which starts a fan and a set of robotic hands.

Robot bed: Gut boy. Nice fella. Einstein is a good puppy! A real sweet doggy.

The robot hands pat Einstein's head and scratch his back.

Robot bed: Oh, you like zat, don't you?

An alarm clock starts ringing. Einstein stops it with his tail. He pulls a rope, connecting to a lever shaped like a hand on the floor above. The hand deposits a coin into a hotdog dispensing machine. The hotdog travels through a pipe, which leads to-

EXT. Brown residence roof - Night[]

A robot hand wearing a baseball mitt catches the hotdog, then throws it over to another mitt on the roof of Doc's barn. The hotdog is deposited down a chute leading into-

INT. Doc's barn - Night[]

Doc: Great Scott, that time already?

Doc checks his four wristwatches. They all show the same time- approximately 7 o'clock.

The hotdog slides down the chute and straight into Doc's mouth. He swallows it in one gulp and wipes his mouth.

Doc: That Einie... What a canis familiaris!

Doc somersaults out of his machine.

Doc: Now, the moment the world has been waiting for!

Doc pulls a card from his coat pocket and sticks it into a slot on a machine. He cranks some knobs, pulls some handles, and finally runs over to a huge orange lever and pulls it. A spool of something starts spinning on the machine. Doc runs over to the other side of the lab. A large set of robot hands is moving.

Doc: Eureka! Kookamunga! It works!

It is revealed that the robot hands are turning the pages of a newspaper.

Doc: No more turning the newspaper pages by hand and getting the tips of my fingers all black! Ha ha ha ha- uh oh.

The lights in the lab flicker off.

EXT. Brown residence - Night[]

The lights in the rooms of the Brown residence all shut off, one by one.

Jules: Father!

INT. Brown basement - Night[]

Clara: Dadgummit, Emmett, you blew the fuses again and now I have to correct my papers by hand.

The torch Clara is carrying illuminates Doc's face. He shields his eyes from the light with his left hand.

Doc: Now, Clara, just think of it as a temporary... brownout!

Another torch shines on Doc, from the other side. He shields his eyes again.

Jules: Father, why must you always overtax our domestic electrical system with your experiments? It's extremely inconvenient.

Doc: Now hold on there, son.

Footsteps approach, then another torch switches on.

Einstein: Woof, woof, woof!

Doc: Et tu, Einstein?

More footsteps are heard, then yet another torch shines on Doc.

Doc: Ah, what about you, Vernie, don't you have something to say?

Verne is holds his torch under his chin.

Verne: Look at me, I'm a ghost. OooOooh...

Doc: Are you people, and animals, so spoiled by technology? You know, there was a time when no-one had electricity at all!

Verne: Yes, last Thursday when you blew out the entire Hill Valley power station.

Doc: That does it! To the DeLorean!

INT. Doc's garage - Night[]

The DeLorean powers up. Its headlights turn on.

INT. DeLorean - Night[]

Clara: Where are you taking us, Emmett?

Doc: The Brown household is going on a little vacation.

Clara clasps her hands and flutters her eyelids excitedly.

Clara: Bermuda?

Jules: Library of Congress?

Verne: Super Splash Water World?

Doc sets the time and destination using the keypad.

Doc: You'll find out soon enough.

EXT. Brown Residence - Night[]

Marty and Jennifer are walking down the sidewalk, holding hands. The DeLorean suddenly rushes out of the barn, a spring-loaded platform rising out of the lawn to help it become airborne. It flies past them and into the sky, disappearing in a puff of smoke and a flash of light, leaving behind a pair of fire trails.

Jennifer: Marty, wasn't that Doc Brown?

Marty: Yeah, Jennifer... I don't guess we'll be borrowing the car tonight.

EXT. Stonehenge, England - Day, 1367[]

The DeLorean appears and comes to a stop. The door opens and Jules, Verne and Einstein pile out enthusiastically.

Jules and Verne: Yeah!... Huh?

Clara: Emmett, where are we?

Doc: England, 1367.

The camera pans across a field of peasants, who are harvesting grain and washing their clothes by the lake.

Doc: Majestically beautiful, isn't it? Perhaps here, we can learn that a quality life does not depend on modern technological conveniences.

Doc sets up the clothing converter. The timer starts ticking as Doc goes over to join his family.

Doc: Smile, everybody.

All the Browns except for Doc are frowning as the clothing converter converts their clothes. Doc now wears a white tunic with purple puff sleeves and a purple collar, turquoise leggings, brown leather shoes and a puffy turquoise cap with a yellow feather. Clara wears a long two-tone dress of pink and purple and a tall conical purple hennin with a pink veil. Jules wears a cream tunic, light-brown leggings, shoes with ruffled white tops and a red linen coif. Verne wears a light-brown coif with a matching ruffled collar, orange tunic, turquoise leggings and yellow boots. Einstein wears a puffy orange cap with a yellow feather.

Doc: Not bad, eh? Merely an optical illusion. But it lasts 8.6 hours, and should prevent the locals from becoming too suspicious.

Doc packs up the clothing converter and puts it back into the car's front bonnet.

Clara: Emmett, if you think we're staying in this primitive place, you've got another thing coming!

Doc: But, we have no choice!

Doc holds out an arm to gesture at the DeLorean as it flies off.

Doc: I pre-programmed the DeLorean to return at sunset.

The sonic boom of the DeLorean is heard in the distance.

Jules: Father, how could you?!

Verne: I wanna go back to the future!

Clara: Of all the pig-headed, insensitive, macho things you've ever done, this takes the cake!

Doc: I thought you would thank me.

Clara: Thanks... for nothing.

Clara turns and stalks off.

Doc: Aww, Clara-belle...

Clara approaches the lake, still angry at Doc.

Clara: Who does he think he is. anyway, dragging me 600 years into the past without so much as a moments notice?!

Clara turns to a peasant who is washing her clothes in the lake.

Clara: What about you, do men boss you around?

Another peasant arrives and dumps a pile of dirty clothes in front of them.

Male peasant: Here you go, woman. Wash them well, or by my bodkin, thou shall get no supper!

Female peasant: Yes, son.

Clara: You're his mother?! Well! I never!

Female peasant: Lets me sleep in the pigsty and gives me table scraps in exchange for a wee bit a'work! All me friends are pea-green with envy!

Lord Biffingham and his gang appear, on horseback.

Lord Biffingham: Here, what goes on? Leave off thy chairing and get back to work, wench!

Clara: I don't recall asking for your advice, sir. Kindly mind your own beeswax.

Biffingham and his gang are taken aback.

Gang member 1: Oh, saucy as well as beautiful!

Gang member 2: Just the sort of lady to rule by thy side, Lord Biffingham.

Clara: Biffingham?!

Gang member 1: Lord Biffingham, Earl of Tannenshire to you, peasant!

Lord Biffingham: Seize her!

EXT. Stonehenge, England - Day[]

Doc: Observe with great delight, boys: Stonehenge!

Doc, Jules, Verne and Einstein walk under one of the large dolmens making up Stonehenge.

Doc: A fascinating structure built somewhere between 2000 and 1500 BC! Many believe it to be of religious significance.

Two peasants approach the Browns from behind.

Peasant 1: Really? I heard it was some sort of astronomical observatory.

Peasant 2: How absurd. Everyone knows it's a ruddy calendar.

Clara shrieks in the distance.

Doc: Clara!

EXT. Tannenshire, England - Day[]

Biffingham and his gang have kidnapped Clara. She is on Biffingham's horse.

Clara: Unhand me!

Lord Biffingham: Quiet! Wenches should be seen and not heard, m'lady!

Doc: That's no m'lady, that's m'wife!

BIffingham brings his horse to a sudden stop.

Clara: Emmett!

Doc: Are you going to release her, or do I have to get rough?

He squares up and swings a punch at the air.

Lord Biffingham: Thou givest us no choice, sir.

Biffingham canters off, with Clara still on the horse. Doc prepares to fight the gang, but stops.

Doc: Huh? Wha-?

Doc tries to retreat as Biffingham's gang rides up to him, each taking one of his arms to pull him along.

Doc: Two against one, eh? The Marquis of Queensberry will hear about this!

Jules and Verne watch him being dragged into the distance.

Jules: But he's not due to be born for another 477 years!

Doc: Unfortunately, he's not due to be born for another 477 years.

Jules: Brother, look!

Jules points to a castle on the hilltop.

Jules: They must be taking him there!

EXT. Forest, Tannenshire, England - Day[]

Jules, Verne and Einstein walk along the path into a clearing. Einstein leads the way, sniffing the ground for traces of Doc.

Verne: You know, I'm tired. When are we gonna be there?

Jules: Verne, stop whining. No wonder Father becomes so irritable on long car trips.

Verne: But I'm starving! If I don't eat soon, I'm gonna croak!

Jules: I suppose we could try to catch something in a trap.

Verne: Oh yeah? Like what kind of trap?

Jules and Verne both step into rope snare traps. They are pulled up into the trees and dangle upside-down.

Einstein: WOOF!

Jules: This kind often works.

Harold McFly: Hiya, li'l well-met, unsuspecting travelers!

Verne: Jules, look! Robin Hood!

Harold: Ha! You should be so lucky, you exploiters of the common man! Nay!

Harold exclaims as his feet are also roped, leaving him to dangle alongside Jules and Verne.

Jules and Verne: Marty!

Harold: Marty? Nay, 'arold is the name, 'arold McFly of the Sussex McFlys. But I see now that thou art mere children, and I apologise for trapping you so ignobly.

Verne: Got anything to eat?

Harold: In truth, I 'ave but these 'ardened biscuits to gnaw upon.

Verne tries to take a bite of the biscuit, but fails.

Verne: Thanks anyway.

Jules: Are you an outlaw?

Harold: Outlaw? Nay, I am but a 'umble farmer who 'as vowed revenge against that tyrant Biffingham for stealing my lady love away to yon castle.

Verne: Oh yeah? That's where our mom is!

Jules: Our paternal unit as well!

Einstein is at the base of the tree. He bites through the ropes trapping Jules, Verne and Harold. They land on the ground and dust themselves off.

Harold: May'aps we are brothers in the same cause. With your aid, I 'ave a plan that might gain us entry into Biffingham's fortress. Verily, I 'ad this idea some time ago, but it doth require the assistance of two young lads such as yourselves to make it work.

EXT. Castle Biffingham - Day[]

Clara sticks her head out of a window.

Clara: Help! Help!

Jennivere McFly: Help!

The camera pans down to reveal Jennivere's head in the window below Clara's.

Clara: Greetings.

Jennivere: Good day, m'lady. You must be the new captive. I am Jennivere.

Clara: Hi, I'm Clara. Nice to meet you.

Lord Biffingham: Lady Clara!

Clara: Whoops- gotta go.

Clara sticks her head back in the room.

INT. Castle Biffingham - Day[]

Biffingham is carrying a humongous pile of colorful fabric. His tailor stands next to him.

Lord Biffingham: Wed me, and I will have my tailor clothe thee in the finest silks of the Orient.

Clara: Forget it, buster. In the first place, I could never marry a man who wears such foolish shoes.

The camera pans up from Biffingham's long-toed, bright yellow shoes to his angry face. He turns to his tailor, dumping the pile of fabric on him.

Lord Biffingham: Tailor! You told me these were in fashion!

Tailor: Methinks I was mistaken.

Clara: Besides, I already have a wonderful husband.

Lord Biffingham: That, my dear, can be easily remedied.

Clara: Sir, you dassent.

Lord Biffingham: I shall return in an hour, when thou art a widow.

Lord Biffingham attempts to throw his tailor down the stairs, but is dragged along as well. They both tumble down the tall staircase, complaining loudly.

INT. Torture chamber, Castle Biffingham - Day[]

Doc's wrists are chained to the wall above his head. Clanking machinery is heard. A spider crawls up the wall past Doc's head.

Doc: Hmm, a Lactrodectus mactans and an unidentifiable mustress.

Doc sees a rat on the ground.

Doc: And a perfect specimen of a Rattus norvegicus.

The door unlocks. Biffingham kicks it down and throws his tailor into the room.

Lord Biffingham: Enjoying thy stay at Castle Biffingham, sir?

Doc: Actually I am, I have not seen such abundance of old world species since my undergraduate-

Lord Biffingham: Sorry to cut short thy fun.

Biffingham removes a glove and slaps Doc with it.

Lord Biffingham: I challenge thee to a jousting match, according to the rules of chivalry. In one hour shalt I do away with you, and have your lady for mine own. Ha ha ha ha...

Biffingham slams the door shut.

Doc: Maybe we should have gone to Super Splash Water World after all.

Biffingham's tailor, still upside-down, nods in the corner.

EXT. Castle Biffingham, Biffinghamshire, England - Night

A small wagon carrying Jules, Verne and Harold is being pulled uphill to Castle Biffingham by Einstein. Harold sings and plays his banjo.

Harold: Tally-ho, when lack a jive, be a merry fellow, on his merry way!

Guard 1: Halt, who goes there?

Harold: Merely a strolling minstrel, actor and puppeteers come to amuse Lord Biffingham in his court.

Guard 1: Hmm... Methinks he looketh awfully suspicious, then.

Jules and Verne pop up from inside the wagon, disguised as puppets.

Verne: Oh yeah? Well methinks you look like someone who loves fresh fish!

Verne whacks the guard with a large prop fish.

Jules: How dare you strike him like that! Strike him like this!

Jules takes the fish and whacks the guard.

The guards both laugh.

Guard 1: Raise the gate!

The gate is raised and they continue into the castle.

Guard 1: Yeah, then they can entertain his lordship after the jousting match.

Harold: Jousting match?!

Jules and Verne: Jousting match?! Oh no!

EXT. Castle Biffingham courtyard - Day[]

Biffingham is on his horse, and they are both armored up. Biffingham holds a very long, sharp lance. His horse hoofs the ground angrily and impatiently. At the opposite end of the courtyard, Doc sits astride a wooden barrel 'horse' on a wooden cart, holding a wooden shield, a pillow tied around his midsection and a pot on his head. He looks worried.

Lord Biffingham: Very well, you interloper who dare stand between me and the fair Clara, prepare to meet your doom!

Biffingham's horse whinnies as they gallop towards Doc at full speed.

Doc: Argh!

The crowd gasps and screams.

Clara: Emmett!

She covers her eyes.

Doc: Oh boy!

Einstein dumps Jules, Verne and Harold out of the wagon, and swerves so it knocks Doc out of harm's way. Biffingham crashes through the wagon.

Lord Biffingham: Curses! Drat! Fie on that meddling cur!

Jules and Verne run over to Doc.

Verne: Time out! Time out!

Lord Biffingham: Return that peasant to his horse- after all, one must play fair.

Doc: Boys, am I elated to see you.

Doc gets out a scroll of paper and a feather quill and begins writing his will.

Doc: I, Emmett L. Brown, being of sound mind and body--

Jules: Do not despair, Father! I have an inspiration!

Verne: The Killer Porsche! Cool!

Doc: Jules, this is neither the time nor locale to play Turbo Liner Death Race!

Jules: No, Father, but I might be able to utilize this technological time-waster to prevent your premature demise!

Doc: Jumping jigowatts!

Doc palms himself in the forehead. The pot clangs.

Doc: What a kid!

Jules: Have you any of those ghastly biscuits left?

Harold: I baked them myself, you know.

He hands one to Doc, who unsuccessfully tries to bite it.

Jules: No, Father, like this.

He gnaws at the biscuit, shaping it into a gear.

Doc: [...], your lordship?

Biffingham is being attended to by some servants.

Lord Biffingham: Take thy time, doomed one.

Jules has constructed a mechanical device using Verne's Killer Porsche, the wooden wheels from Doc's horse, and the biscuit gears.

EXT. Castle Biffingham - Day[]

Clara throws a bedsheet over the edge of her balcony and climbs down it.

Clara: Well, I'm not gonna just sit up here and watch my husband be skewered like some medieval shishkebab!

EXT. Castle Biffingham courtyard - Day[]

Verne: Uh oh!

Lord Biffingham: Now then, peasant, prepare to meet your ancestors.

Doc: I do quite often, but thanks for the invitation.

Doc gets back on his horse. Biffingham does as well, and sets off towards him.
Lord Biffingham: Hyah! Ha ha ha ha!

Doc's horse, being remote-controlled by Jules, speeds off towards Biffingham.

Doc: Aaargh!

Biffingham is heading straight for Doc, but Doc is steered out of his way just in time.

Lord Biffingham: Ha ha ha... Yes!... Oh... Hm.

Doc: Ha! Take that, you robber baron!

Puffs of steam come from the armor of Biffingham's horse as he hoofs the ground like a bull.

EXT. Castle Biffingham - Day[]

Clara is climbing down the tower on her bedsheet. She reaches Jennivere's window.

Jennivere: Might I join thee in thy escape?

Clara: Huh! Certainly, dear!

Jennivere reaches for the bedsheet.

EXT. Castle Biffingham courtyard - Day[]

Biffingham and his horse are racing towards Doc again.

Doc: Uh oh! [...]!

Doc falls off his horse, bounces on his lance, and catapults Biffingham into a different part of the courtyard. He thrashes for a moment, then is still. Doc pulls up to Biffingham, looking concerned. Biffingham steps out of his armor, wielding a large ball-and-chain flail. He aims it at Doc, who is riding in circles around him.

Jules, Verne, Harold and Einstein look amused. Doc begins singing.

Doc: Ride a wood mare to Cranberry Coast, to meet a fine lady upon a white horse, ha ha!

Biffingham becomes frustrated and swings the flail above his head. Jules sees him and panics, running and throwing the remote-control in the air.

Jules: Aaaah!

Biffingham lets go of the flail and it destroys the remote-control in mid-air. Doc's horse loses control and throws him off, but Jules, Verne, Harold and Einstein catch him.

Lord Biffingham: Anon, sir knight, let us finish them!

Biffingham is flanked by two knights. They all draw their swords and run towards Doc.

Doc: Well, boys, it looks like we're short-legged, wet-footed waterfowl destitute of life.

Verne: Huh?

Jules: Dead ducks.

BIffingham's shadow looms over them.

EXT. Castle Biffingham - Day[]

Clara: Oh, no!

Clara is climbing down the tower on the bedsheet. She hears Biffingham's voice.

Lord Biffingham: Executions at six!

Clara: Gracious! Jenny, can you sew?

Jennivere: Yes ma'am.

Clara climbs into a room containing a loom and a spinning-wheel.

Clara: Then follow me and bring the silk. I have a crazy notion that just might get us and our menfolk out of here alive.

INT. Castle Biffingham execution room - Day[]

Biffingham sits in one corner of the room on a throne. Harold, Doc, Jules, Verne and Einstein are lined up on a wooden platform with blocks underneath their heads. An executioner stands behind them with an axe.

Doc: Boys, it would appear that we will have the distinction of the first humans in history to die before we were even born!

Jules: What an honor.

Biffingham gestures at a sundial at his feet, but the clouds then cover the sun.

Lord Biffingham: Well, gentlefolk, at precisely six o'clock, we shall- oh, drat. Therein lies the rub with these devices. How can one tell time on a cloudy day?

Verne gestures at his own watch.

Verne: I've got two minutes till!

Doc puts a hand over his mouth.

Doc: Shh! Don't help!

INT. Castle Biffingham sewing room - Day

Clara is working a spinning-wheel with her foot. A length of yellow material is feeding out of it. Meanwhile, Jennivere is feeding pieces of silk through a sewing machine.

Clara: I knew all that exercising would pay off!

Jennivere: Beg pardon, ma'am. But what exactly are we making?

Clara: A royal surprise for Lord Biffingjerk.

INT. Castle Biffingham execution room - Day[]

The executioner swings the axe above his head. He brings it down to cut open... a watermelon. He cleaves it cleanly in two. Doc gasps.

Lord Biffingham: Excellent. Now, if the sun will cooperate...

The sun emerges from between the clouds.

Lord Biffingham: Ahaha, at last. Let the fun be-

A shadow passes over the room again.

Clara: Emmett, up here!

The executioner is so startled he drops his axe, then falls off the platform.

EXT. Castle Biffingham - Day[]

Clara and Jennivere are in a hot air balloon. Clara throws them a rope.

Doc: Come along, men! Climb aboard!

Doc, Jules, Verne, Harold and Einstein climb up the rope.

Jules: Brother, post-haste!

Biffingham arrives too late to cut the rope.

Lord Biffingham: Curses! Drat!

Knight 1: Does this mean the wedding's off, sire?

The pot that was on Doc's head falls from the air and hits Biffingham. He is dazed.

EXT. Stonehenge - Sunset[]

The hot air balloon comes down to land.

Doc: Superior aeronautics, Clara! Not bad needlework either.

Jules: Harold, where will you and Jennivere go now?

Harold: I know not, friends, I cannot stay 'ere.

Doc: Have you considered Ireland?

Jennivere: Ireland... sounds like a bonny place to raise generations of McFlys.

Harold: Ireland it is then.

He grabs a pair of bellows and restokes the hot air balloon's fire. The hot air balloon lifts off. Harold and Jennivere wave.

Harold: Fare thee well, Browns. I 'ave a strange feeling we shall meet yet again.

Clara: And again, and again...

The Browns wave them goodbye.

Jules, Verne, Doc, and Clara: Goodbye! Goodbye!

Einstein: Woof! Woof!

In a flash of sparks, their clothing reverts to normal.

Doc: Hmm, the DeLorean should be here any time now.

The DeLorean arrives.

Verne: There it is!

The Browns pile into the DeLorean.

Doc: Into the car post-haste, family!

Biffingham and his knights are approaching on horseback, swords drawn.

Lord Biffingham: This time, we shall spare no-one!

Clara shuts the door before Doc can get in.

Doc: What's erroneous with you?

Clara: Isn't there something you'd like to say to us?

Doc: I hardly think this is a proper interlude for guessing games.

Biffingham's group rides nearer.

Clara: You know what I'm talking about.

Doc: Alright, alright! This entire sorry mess is my fault! I'm the one who blew the fuse, I never should have brought you here without consulting you, you've proven yourselves to be the masters of technology, not its slaves! Now, may I renew my membership in this family unit?!

The door opens. Doc gets in.

Doc: Let's go, Einie! And don't spare the ions!

The DeLorean powers up and drives straight towards Biffingham's group. Their horses throw them off. All of them duck for cover. The DeLorean flies away.

Doc: Next stop: Super Splash Water World!

The DeLorean disappears.

INT. Doc's workshop - Day[]

Assistant voice: Camera status operational. You're on, Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown?

The lab is empty until the ceiling collapses. Doc falls through the celing.

Doc: That's the way to fly! Unfortunately, that's not the way to land. I will now present a tactile demonstration of the principles of balloon aeronautics. Scientists of the future, watch carefully! Access video encyclopedia section 'H'- for hot air balloon!

Assistant voice: Section 'H'. Entry: 'hot air balloon'

INT. Bill's lab - Day[]

Doc: It's simple to make a functional hot air balloon, right in your own home. All you need is a very thin plastic bag, some adhesive tape, and last, but not least, a blowdryer. Bill Nye gestures to each of the items.

Doc: Create an opening that fits around the blowdryer, and away you go! Remember, keep the plastic bag away from your face.

Bill turns on the blowdryer and blows air into the opening of the plastic bag.

The molecules in the hot air become very active and spread out, while those in the cool air remain calm and dense. The heavier cold air around the balloon squeezes it up- like a bubble! And voila! You've got a hot air balloon!

The bag floats up and away.

INT. Doc's workshop - Day[]

Doc holds a red-and-white striped hot air balloon.

Doc: On the big balloons, altitude is controlled by the flow of hot air.

Doc lets the balloon go and it floats up.

Doc: And in the old days, they actually used to throw sandbags out to lighten the load.

A paper airplane lands on the table in front of Doc.

Doc: What's this?

He unfolds it and begins reading it.

Doc: Air mail! It's from me... to me. "Watch out for the sandbag." Sandbag? What sandbag?

A sandbag hits Doc from above.

Doc: "P.S.: See you in the future."

Doc slides to the floor.

Post-credits joke[]

The Back to the Future logo slides up to reveal Biff Tannen.

Biff: Hey, I got one for ya. What did the black knight say when the medieval slave got stuck up in a tree? "Serf's up!" Ha ha ha ha- oof-ow!

A wave appears from the left and sweeps Biff away.