African-American family-1985A

The 1985A residents of what had been the McFly residence in 1985 (l-r): Louise, Lewis, Loretta and Harold (his face partly obscured by Loretta).

"I'm gonna tear your ass up! That's right, you keep runnin', sucka!!! And you tell that realty company that I ain't sellin', you hear?! We ain't gonna be terrorized!"
—Lewis yells after the escaping Marty

A terrified Marty admits he is in the wrong house.

An unnamed African-American family lived in the house that had been the McFly residence in 1985 on Lyon Drive.


After Biff Tannen altered the past by traveling back from 2015 to 1955 in the stolen DeLorean time machine and giving his younger self the Grays Sports Almanac, this resulted in the creation of the ABC timeline 1985A.

In this alternate timeline, the McFlys had either moved from, or had never lived in the house. The African-American family who lived there in 1985A had previously been pressured about selling their home, apparently on threat of violence, in a 1985A version of blockbusting,[1] and were prepared for a home invasion.

Lewis was the head of the household, with his wife, Louise, and two children: a son named Harold; and a daughter, Loretta, who has won some awards for unidentified reasons. (The trophies are on one of her bedroom shelves and they get broken and knocked to the floor during Marty's invasion.)

On October 26, Lewis woke up to Loretta's screams as Marty McFly stumbled through the window of what had been his bedroom in 1985. Unfortunately, Marty had fallen onto her through the window as she was sleeping. Of course, Loretta woke up, apparently thought someone was invading her room to rape her, and screamed. Lewis, dressed in sleepwear and wielding a wooden baseball bat, stormed into the bedroom and swung violently at Marty, sweeping away several items on the dresser (including the aforementioned awards) and wrecking items throughout the room. Marty was familiar with the layout of the house, and so managed to make his way through the hallway and escape out of the front door.

After Marty ran out, Louise suggested that they place bars on all the windows — to which Lewis protested as he didn't want his family "living in a jail".

It remains unclear as to whether the family were still living in Hill Valley in 1985 (after the timeline was restored) and in 2015.

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  1. Traditionally, blockbusting was the practice of scaring white landowners into selling off land at low prices and then reselling the land at higher rates to black people. In the 1985A scenario, the targets are black people: the implication is that they are the next generation of landowners to be scared off in favor of less fortunate people.