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The DeLorean lands in the alleyway.


The DeLorean beside the Fusion Industries generator.

"Doc Brown turned his attention to the controls [of the DeLorean time machine] as they began their final descent. They landed in an alley between two buildings, an alley that didn't look all that different from alleys in 1985."
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 17)
" "The future!" It didn't look all that different in the alley — Marty guessed that alleys were alleys — the trashcans were a little newer and nicer, maybe. Marty bet that it would be really different, though, out on the street. He took a couple of steps away from the car. "Whoa, I gotta check this out!" "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 18)

An alleyway, or simply alley, was a narrow lane or path between buildings.


An alley was located on the opposite side of Courthouse Square from the Hill Valley Courthouse. It connected Main Street to the parallel street to the west, halfway between Second Street and Hill Street.

In 1955, the alley was located between the Texaco service station and Roy's Records.

By 2015, the alley had CLASS OF 16 spray-painted on the wall and contained large packs of laserdiscs, compact discs and possibly DVDs (whether these were being thrown away or shipped to be sold is unclear); large packs of shredded paper and discarded silicone breast implants (the pack containing the latter being labeled CAUTION - SILICONE); and discarded bionic implant legalization posters.

In 2015, Dr. Emmett Brown flew the DeLorean time machine into the alley to hide it from view, as some of the modifications he had made to the car weren't exactly considered "street legal", and landed it next to a Fusion Industries generator. After Marty McFly discussed the mission with Doc, he walked out of the alley in clothes resembling those worn by his future son, Marty Jr. — namely a color-shifting lenticular baseball cap and an auto-adjusting and auto-drying jacket, along with power-lacing shoes — and into the square.

It was here that Officers Reese and Foley of the Hill Valley Police Department recovered Jennifer Parker, who had been tranquilized by Doc, and carried out a 'thumb check'. Assuming she was the Jennifer of the future, they flew her back home to her future residence in Hilldale.


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