"Marty: "Doc! Doc, are you okay?"

Doc: "That was a close one, Marty! I almost bought the farm!"

—Marty and Doc, after the DeLorean time machine narrowly misses a lightning strike.

"Almost bought the farm" is an idiom meaning "almost died".

Scnet bttf2 4318

Doc tells Marty he "almost bought the farm" after a lightning bolt narrowly misses the DeLorean time machine.


In 1955, after the DeLorean time machine narrowly missed a lightning strike, Dr. Emmett Brown spoke the phrase to Marty McFly, while reassuring him he was all right.

Marty warned Doc not to get struck by lightning, but his warning came too late as the airborne DeLorean (with Doc inside) was struck by lightning and sent back to 1885.