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Andy Taylor was the sheriff of Hill County in 1992. He was friends with the retired Hill Valley police officer Danny Parker, using the nickname "Pete" when talking with him.

At one point, he had to tell Mr. Parker that he and his wife had to leave their ranch. Biff Tannen, Jr. dug up a deed, signed by Wendell Parker, Danny Parker's father, that had given ownership to Thaddeus Tannen. Biff Tannen planned to bulldoze the ranch and convert it into a miniature golf course. This plan was thwarted when Marty McFly went to 1875 and gave Thaddeus Tannen a trick pen to sign the deed. When Marty came back to 1992, the pen finally did its trick as the signature on the deed disappeared. This nullified the deed, so the Parker family retained their ranch.

Taylor occasionally had to deal with the fallout of Doc Brown's experiments. At one point, after causing another power outage, Doc tried to increase the output of the Hill Valley power grid and ended up causing appliances to become overloaded, which prevented them from being turned off. Sheriff Taylor told Doc he wasn't allowed in Hill Valley anymore, and Biff Tannen organized a mob of the townspeople that physically removed Doc from the city. When Biff's attempts to fix the power plant led to explosions, Doc saved Hill Valley, but the power plant needed extensive repairs that would take some time to fix. The residents decided to take the opportunity to celebrate the Founder's Day celebration in a similar manner as the people who lived in Hill Valley when it was founded in 1850.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The sheriff's name is an homage to Sheriff Andy Taylor of the Andy Griffith Show. Although he shares a name with the famous sheriff, the two do not share any similarities in appearance.