Biff puts a second coat of wax on the BMW 733i in the improved 1985.

"Marty got up [from the dining room table], walked to the kitchen window and looked out. There in the driveway was a sparkling new BMW. Next to it stood Biff Tannen, polishing diligently."
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, page 244)

The BMW 733i was a model of car manufactured by BMW in the 1980s.


The McFly family owned a BMW 733i in 1985. This was driven by George McFly, and was the main family car. Its license plate number was 3A709T8.[1]

Before Marty McFly went back to 1955, Biff Tannen had borrowed and totaled another car owned by George, a Chevrolet Nova, while drinking and driving (at the same time!) — therefore ruining Marty's plans to go up to the lake with Jennifer Parker for the weekend. After Marty returned to what turned out to be an altered and improved present, the car changed to a BMW, in one piece, and Biff was waxing it with the two coats of wax George liked.


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