Back to the Future:
Telling Time with Marty McFly



7 x 0.5 x 7 inches


Insight Kids

Publish date

October 20, 2020



Back to the Future: Telling Time with Marty McFly — a children's book illustrated by Steph Lew and published by Insight Kids.

Official Description[]

Learn how to tell the time with Marty McFly and Doc Brown in this interactive board book with fun surprises on every page.

Great Scott! Marty McFly is always late. It’s almost like he doesn’t know how to tell time. Sometimes he’s in bed when he should be at school. Other times he’s back at school when he should be at band practice.

Help Marty get through the day by turning the die-cut wheel in the cover and lifting the flaps throughout the book to find out where Marty should be at the proper time. With both analog and digital clocks, young learners will get to see time in different ways.

Back to the Future: Telling Time with Marty McFly is an entertaining, nostalgic title in the PlayPop line of developmental board books.

PLAYFUL LEARNING + POP CULTURE BONDING: Parents, grandparents, and grown-ups can introduce kids to beloved characters from the Back to the Future films.

TEACHES TELLING TIME: Learn to read analog and digital clocks.

LEARN BY DOING: Turn the dial for a tactile, multi-sensory learning experience.

READ ALOUD PROMPTS: “At six o’clock in the evening, Marty is supposed to be eating dinner with his family. Where is Marty?” Gentle prompts support reading comprehension and intergenerational interaction.

DEVELOP EARLY LITERACY: Emerging readers can practice print motivation, print awareness, letter knowledge, phonological awareness, vocabulary and narrative skills.

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