Back to the Future:
The Classic Illustrated Storybook

Kim Smith




9.25 x 0.38 x 11.3 inches


Quirk Books

Publish date

April 24, 2018





Back to the Future: The Classic Illustrated Storybook — a children's book illustrated by Kim Smith.

It's part of Pop Classics book series, which includes adaptations of movies and tv shows like Home Alone (parts 1 and 2), Die Hard, Jurassic Park, Doctor Who, The Karate Kid, E.T., The X-Files, Elf, Buffy — The Vampire Slayer, etc.

All the swears, violent and dubious scenes — including the storyline of Lorraine falling in love with Marty — are cut out. Despite that fact that his parents in 1955 look like teenagers, of the same age Marty looks more like a kid in this book.

Official Description[]

Great Scott! The hilarious hit movie from the 1980s is now a wild and wacky picture book perfect for kids of any age!

More than 35 years after its theatrical debut, Back to the Future remains a perennial favorite in classrooms and at family movie nights across the country. This story illustrated by Kim Smith captures all the classic moments of the film through fun and kid-friendly illustrations. Follow teenage Marty McFly as he travels from 1985 to 1955, meets his parents (as teenagers), and teaches his father how to stand up to bullies. Complete with a time-traveling DeLorean, a mad scientist companion, and a lightning-fueled finale, this is the perfect book for kids, parents, and anyone looking to go back in time.



  • Opening scene at Doc's garage
  • Marty's caught by Strickland for being late
  • School bands audition
  • The Libyans kill Doc
  • Marty at Peabody Farm
  • The Baines storyline — from George watching Lorraine from the tree to family dinner scene
  • Courthouse square skateboard chase
  • Marty & Lorraine's date in car
  • Marvin Berry injures his hand
  • Lone Pine mall scene
  • Final scene with Jennifer and going back to the future