Back to the Future:
The Official Hill Valley Cookbook

Allison Robicelli




8 x 0.9 x 10 inches


Insight Editions

Publish date

October 27, 2020





Back to the Future: The Official Hill Valley Cookbook is a cookbook featuring 65 recipes from the timelines visited in the Back to the Future trilogy. It is written by Allison Robicelli, featuring recipes by Matt Robicelli and photographs by Ted Thomas. The book was published by Insight Editions on 27th October 2020.



  • Time-Honoured Tools, Techniques, and Treats


  • Late for School Puff-Pastry Toaster Tarts
  • The Pinheads' Post-Practice Cereal Treats
  • Battle of the Bands Cola Cake
  • Needles' Nachos
  • Jennifer's Lakeside Camping Trail Mix
  • McFly Family Table Tuna Noodle Casserole
  • Uncle Joey's Parole Cake
  • Plutonium Pesto Pasta Salad
  • Frozen-in-Time Pudding Pops


  • Mr. Peabody's Pignoli Cookies
  • Mr. Caruthers's Egg Cream
  • Mrs. Baines's Meat Loaf
  • Goldie Wilson Mayoral Tuna Melt
  • Essex Theater Lime Rickey
  • Holt's Diner Chocolate Malted Milkshake
  • Biff's Corned Beef Hash Skillet
  • George McFly's Blob From Outer Space
  • Pohatchee Drive-In Cheeseburgers
  • Rerun Spaghetti With Meat Sauce
  • Mr. Strickland's Newspaper-Wrapped Red Snapper
  • Doc Brown's Time-Altering Chicken Pot Pie
  • The Starlighters' Baked Alaska
  • Marvin (Straw)Berry Sundae
  • Enchantment Under the Sea Punch


  • Exploding Candy Toaster Tarts
  • The Sleep Inducer
  • Café '80s Burrito
  • Auto-Adjusting Popovers
  • Jaws 19 Spicy Grilled Shark Steaks
  • Mr. Fusion Banana-Fueled Protein Bowl
  • What Are You, Chicken? Sandwich
  • Hoverboard Cookies
  • Self-Lacing Chocolate Bread
  • Batter Up Brownie Sundae
  • Griff's Pitbull Cocktail
  • Chicago Cubs World Series-Winning Hot Dog
  • Retractable Fruit Salad
  • Spicy Rehydrated Ramen
  • Mini Pizzas à la 2015
  • Baby Back Almanac Ribs

Alternate 1985

  • The World's Luckiest Shimp Cocktail
  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Make Like a Tree and Leaf Chef Salad
  • Hell Valley Calamari Fried Diablo
  • The Number One Citizen
  • Chicken Cordon Biff
  • Blackened Fish, the Easy Way
  • Biff's Bananas Foster
  • "Third Time's the Charm" Crème Brûlée Trio
  • Tiramisu al Tannen


  • DeLorean Whiteall Doughnuts
  • Hungry Bear Claws
  • Shamus's One-Shot Pot Rabbit Stew
  • Maggie McFly's Biscuits with Cider Jelly
  • Clint Eastwood's Cowboy Punch
  • Mad Dog's Chicken and Dumplings
  • Emmett Brown's $80 Biscuits and Red-Eye Gravy
  • The Palace Saloon Beef Jerky Stew
  • Frisbee Apple Pie
  • Clara's Red Bean Pie
  • Hill Valley Clock Tower Inaugural Chicken Fry
  • Stargazing Stew
  • Emmett Brown's Sarsaparilla and Pear Mocktail
  • Wake-Up Juice
  • Eight O'Clock Eggs and Hash
  • Bulletproof Cast Iron Strawberry Pancake
  • Time Train Tea Service

  • Hosting a Back to the Future Marathon

Official description[]

Travel through time and experience the gastronomic history of Hill Valley with this official cookbook inspired by the Back to the Future trilogy!

Hill Valley may have changed a lot over the years, but the friendly town at the center of the Back to the Future movies is a treat to visit in any time period. Following the series' thrilling timeline, this cookbook celebrates Hill Valley with over 65 recipes from the different eras represented in the films. Start your journey in good ol' 1985 with quick, convenient recipes perfect for a busy scientist or teenager with rock 'n' roll dreams. Then travel to 1955 for some mid-century American favorites straight off the diner menu and family table. Nosh on Mini Pizzas and Retractable Fruit Salad in the far future of 2015. Visit the casino buffet of Biff's alternative 1985. Finally, end your journey in 1885, where where the hardy frontier fare should keep you going through shoot-outs, runaway train rides, and whatever else the Wild West can throw at you. Featuring full-color photography, this cookbook is perfect for foodies, home cooks, and back to the Future fans of all ages.

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