Back to the Future (BOW 568)



Rainbow Communications Limited

Publish date



Paperback and audio cassette

Back to the Future was one of the film titles adapted for the Rainbow Read-Along Adventures series of books and audio cassettes published for children in the United Kingdom. It was released in 1985 in conjunction with the release of Back to the Future.

The book is illustrated with photographs from the first movie shown alongside an abridged and edited version of the story that was originally published in Back to the Future: The Story. No author or editor is named either in the printed book or on the label of the audio cassette.

The accompanying two-sided audio cassette has a total running time of around 22 minutes. A narrator reads the story interspersed with dialogue read by voice actors, sound effects, and music, and includes an occasional high-pitched bell sound indicating when the reader should turn the page. None of the original actors, film score, soundtrack, or sound effects were used in the audio recording.

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