For the article about the 2010/2011 episodic adventure game, see Back to the Future: The Game.

Back To The Future Adventure
Developer Makoto Ichinoseki
Publisher Pony, Inc.
Game System MSX 2
Release Date 1986
Genre 2D Scroller 
Number Of Players 1

Back to the Future Adventure is a graphic adventure video game based on Back to the Future. It was released in Japan by Pony, Inc. for MSX 2, Sharp MZ, and PC-88 computers in 1986. It was developed by Data West.


In the game, you take the role of a time traveling teenager named Marty McFly. He leaves Doc's garage and heads to Hill Valley High School where he meets his girlfriend, Jennifer Parker and is stopped by Stanford S. Strickland for being late. He meets up with his band The Pinheads and auditions for the Battle of the Bands, but is rejected for being too loud.

At the Hill Valley Courthouse, he kisses Jennifer, and is interrupted by the Clock Tower Lady who is raising funds to fix the broken clock tower. Marty gives her a donation and heads home, where Biff Tannen is arguing with his father, George McFly, about George's car, which Biff wrecked. Biff wants George to pay for it, and George gives in. At dinner, George and Marty's mother, Lorraine Baines McFly discuss how they first met and how they fell in love.


  • This game is a standard mid 1980s visual novel. There are screenshots from the film displayed, with a description of the scene written in text below. A menu is on the right with actions that can be selected to perform actions suitable for that particular scene.
  • This story is an abbreviated version of the film, but is faithful to the source material.