Back to the Future Annual

David Bishop, Randall D. Larson and John Freeman


John Freeman


Gary Gilbert




Marvel Comics, Ltd.

Publish date

August/September 1990





Back to the Future Annual was an official book released in the United Kingdom in 1990, published by Marvel Comics Ltd.

Although an annual would usually be published once a year for the forthcoming Christmas market, appearing in bookstores around August/September and going out of print early in the New Year, this was the only edition. The cover price was £4.25.

The cover photograph was a publicity shot of Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Freddie posing with the DeLorean time machine on the set of 2015 Hill Valley, showing the Courthouse with its large, futuristic-looking darkened windows in the background.

The book included synopses of each film in the trilogy, detailed descriptions of the Courthouse Square from each era, behind-the-scenes information, actor profiles, photographs, and more.

The book was also published in a paperback edition, simply titled Back to the Future, priced at £2.99. The paperback edition had an additional page at the front of the book, showing a black-and-white photo of Doc and Marty in 1885, but the contents were otherwise identical to the original Back to the Future Annual.


Note: Where the content of a feature is not obvious from its title or description, a brief summary has been added in parentheses.

  • Back to the Future Part I
  • The Courthouse Square: 1985
  • Back to the Future Part II
  • The Courthouse Square: 1955
  • Back to the Future Part III
  • The Time Machine!
    A schematic of the time traveling DeLorean by Lee Sullivan
  • Profile: Michael J. Fox
    The star of all three films in focus!
  • Bring on the Bad Guys (A feature on the Tannens)
    For every good hero, there has to be a bad villain – and Biff Tannen sure fits the bill on that one!
  • Profile: Christopher Lloyd
    The man who brought Doc Brown to madcap life!
  • The Courthouse Square: 2015
  • Profile: Lea Thompson
    Mothering Marty McFly is no easy job!
  • The Courthouse Square: 1885
  • Making Music (A look at the work of composer Alan Silvestri)
    Putting the rhythm into time travel
  • Could it all be true? (A feature on time travel)