Back to the Future Part II

Craig Shaw Gardner,
based on screenplay by
Bob Gale & Robert Zemeckis




Berkley Books

Publish date




Back to the Future Part II was the book tie-in to the movie Back to the Future Part II written by Craig Shaw Gardner.

There were several differences from the movie, with new scenes shown and others in the movie not shown, as well as variations on scenes. There were also two covers to the book, one in blue, and the other in white, with the white version being edited for language.

Differences between novel and movie[]

  • In the novel, while Marty is at his house in 1985A, he attempts to go through the front door which is locked and discovers his key does not fit the lock.
  • In the novel, Doc reveals a money belt under his Hawaiian shirt that contains currency from different eras. Rather, in the movie, it is a suitcase.
  • Much of the swearing from the film was removed and replaced with less vulgar words. For example, Terry says "horse droppings" instead of "horseshit".
  • It is implied that in the original 2015 timeline (before Marty takes his son's place and prevents the robbery), Marlene commits suicide after Marty Jr.'s arrest, having fallen into a deep depression. The word "suicide" is not used, however, because Marty interrupts Doc's sentence.

New continuity[]


"The future hasn't been written yet. No one's has."

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Not fully seen, expressed or explicitly stated in the film.

New individuals[]

  • Lewis (First identified as Lewis)
  • Lester (First identified as Lester)
  • Priscilla (First identified as Priscilla)

New locations[]

New technology[]

New organizations[]

New society and culture[]

Covers Gallery[]