"His head's gone. It's like he's been erased."
"Erased from existence."
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This is the extended timeline after the events of the Back to the Future universe, including the animated series, the comics, Back to the Future: The Game, Back to the Future: The Card Game and Doc Brown Saves the World.

These sources combined have provided a detailed explanation for how time travel works in the Back to the Future universe:

Every time someone travels back in time, a new timeline is created that branches off from the last timeline. This creates a ripple effect in the time stream. Any major changes that would affect the life of the time traveler is slowed, as the time traveler is temporarily protected by a time bubble. Traveling behind these changes slows the deterioration of the time bubble, whereas traveling past these changes accelerates it.

The ripple travels backward through time as well as forward, allowing the time traveler to see their own future, before the time ripple catches up to them and the bubble protecting them pops.

Once the time bubble pops, the timelines merge and the time traveler's counterpart from the alternate timeline merges as well, with the new timeline reflecting the time traveler's counterpart's actions in the past but continuing from the actions of the time traveler in the present and future. The exception to this is when the time traveler creates a timeline where they no longer exist. Once the time bubble pops in that scenario, the time traveler completely fades from existence.

Each jump back in time creates a new timeline. Note that each timeline includes everything in the previous timelines except where deviations occur.

Timeline 94[]

This timeline occurs when Doc travels from the 2070s to the early 21st century (Doc Brown Saves the World) and now an Older Marty McFly discovers the Delorean that was in his dream.



  • 2015
    • October 21:
      • Doc Brown arrives in his secret lab and witnesses the Mr. Fusion, hoverboard, food hydrator, and self-tying shoes being erased from existence. The headline of the Hill Valley Telegraph on the tablet computer changes from Griff Tannen Founds Grifftech to Griff Tannen Found Guilty.
      • Doc discovers that he accidentally brought the Quantum Mind Jar with him.
      • An alternate Doc arrives, and both versions of Doc are surprised to see each other.
      • Presumably, one Doc eventually faded from existence once the time ripple caught up with him.



  • 2032
    • Sunday, June 13: Griff Tannen is arrested for illegally selling endangered animals.


  • 2047
    • Wednesday, August 21: 9:00 AM: A 79-year-old Marty McFly successfully repairs and tests the clock of the courthouse and gets a photo of himself and Marty McFly Jr. doing the piece out action at the clocktower.
    • Thursday, August 22: 1:32 AM: Marty McFly wakes up from a crazy dream about his mission with doc in 1955 but he met his 1955-counterpart. Marty searches for the DeLorean that was in his dream earlier. 2 hours later, Marty finally found the two DeLorean's. Marty checks it just to see if it actually works by travelling about 2 hours into the past.

Timeline 95[]

This timeline occurs when Marty travels in the past 2 hours of 2047 and spies on himself and then decides to go back to the time of World War 2.