Back to the Future

George Gipe,
based on screenplay by
Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale




Berkley Books

Publish date






Back to the Future was the novelization tie-in to the movie Back to the Future. It was adapted into Back to the Future: The Story.

There were several differences from the movie, with new scenes shown and others in the movie not shown:

  • Marty McFly is called by Dr. Emmett Brown at school about the test.
  • Marty is trapped in detention with Mr. Strickland and devises a plan to escape to catch his band's audition. After Strickland destroys his Sony Walkman in a woodworking vise, Marty grabs a lens from a projector. Marty applies some gum to the back of a matchbook and shoots it up to a smoke alarm on the ceiling. He then focuses sunlight through the lens at the matchbook but is forced to hurry before Strickland closes all the blinds. Marty succeeds in igniting the matchbook and setting off the fire alarm and sprinkler system, escaping out the door to the audition. This was supposed to be in the film, but was only filmed with Eric Stoltz as Marty and not Michael J. Fox.
  • When Marty arrives at Lyon Estates in 1955, instead of hiding the DeLorean behind a sign, there is a model home that will become the McFly residence in the future, and he uses his 1985 key to open the garage and hide the DeLorean time machine inside.
  • When Marty tries to convince 1955 Doc about the time machine, he waits until after dark, attends a movie at the Essex Theatre, and retrieves the DeLorean under cover of darkness, driving it up to Doc's garage.
  • George McFly talks to his father Arthur McFly about college. Here we see that his father is just as pathetic as he is, talking George out of the idea.
  • Extended scenes of Marty dressed up as "Darth Vader".

Cartoonist Ryan North would later recap the book in his Tumblr B to the F, which in turn would be turned into an eBook.

New continuity

Not fully seen, expressed or explicitly stated in the film.

New individuals

New historical figures

New locations

New objects

New technology

New organizations

New events

New media

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