The third draft screenplay of Back to the Future was written in July 1984 by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale. Three years separate this draft from the second draft.


Major differences[]

  • The town is now named Elmdale, and is located somewhere in the Midwest.
  • Jennifer Parker is still Suzy.
  • Marty wants a Camero Z-28, instead of the Toyota 4X4.
  • Marty is no longer a video pirate.
  • Doc Brown lives in a Victorian home, with his lab in the garage.
  • Twin Pines Mall is Three Pines Mall.
  • Marty travels to 1955, but on March 20.
  • Marty wears red underwear, not purple.
  • Lorraine only has one brother, not an entire family of siblings.
  • Lorraine is to go to the dance with Biff and Marty as an alien scares Biff instead of George to force him to change his mind.
  • The Enchantment Under the Sea dance is still known as Springtime in Paris.
  • Marty plays the Bill Haley song "Rock Around the Clock", instead of "Johnny B. Goode".
  • The time machine is driven 1435 miles in 15 hours to Nevada to intercept the atomic test.


  • Lou notices that Marty's money is from 1978.
  • When driving towards Nevada, Marty drives through Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. It's unclear what state Elmdale is located in.

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