A barrel is a cylindrical container of various sizes. They are traditionally made of wood, and bound together by metal strips. Some are made entirely out of steel.

They are used mainly for storage.


During 1876, Beauregard Tannen had several barrels of pickled pigs feet and pickle juice outside of the Palace Saloon. On July 17 of that year, Edna Strickland entered the saloon with the intent to burn it down, with a lit torch prepared. Beauregard arrived with the intent to shoot her. Marty managed to stop both of them by using the chandeliers to drop a sandbag on Beauregard, while dropping the barrel of pickle juice on Edna and putting her torch out.

In 1926, young Emmett Brown's last daredevil stunt was to go over a waterfall while in a barrel at the insistence of D.W. Tannen. Verne Brown took his place in the barrel (which was rigged with a spare flux capacitor) and appeared safe and sound in a stream afterwards.

In 1931, soup was distributed to the Sisters of Mercy Soup Kitchen in barrels, which Irving "Kid" Tannen used to transfer alcohol to the speakeasy under the kitchen called El Kid. On June 13 of that year, Marty and a teenage Emmett Brown needed the alcohol to power up the rocket-powered drill. To do so, they arranged for Edna to pick up some barrels of it as she was coming for soup to take with her and the Stay Sober Society to the Brown residence.

Later that year on August 25, Marty took cover behind some barrels of alcohol when dodging gunfire from Kid. One of the bullets left a hole in the barrel which Marty took advantage of and rolled it into the building that Kid was in, resulting in an alcohol trail being left behind for him to use the gun lighter on.

Among the many sites in Hill Valley in 1985A were some steel barrels with fires burning in them.