Bart Simpson was a character on the fictional animated series The Simpsons.

Verne Brown traveled back to October 29, 1888 to convince his parents to give him another name, one of which was Bart Simpson.

Behind the scenes

  • Bart Simpson's father, of course, is Homer Simpson, whose voice was (and still is) supplied by Dan Castellaneta... who in turn was the voice in the animated series for Verne Brown's father, Doc Brown.
  • In "Go Fly a Kite", it is indicated that Verne was born in 1889. At that time, Doc's last glimpse of the 20th century had been in 1985, before the existence of The Simpsons or the Fox Network. The older Verne was visiting from 1992, by which time Bart was well known.
  • In 2007, Back to the Future: The Ride was replaced by The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios' theme parks in Hollywood and Florida.


  • March 19, 2000 saw the premiere of a Simpsons episode titled "Bart to the Future".
  • The 3rd segment of "Treehouse of Horror XXIII" (which premiered on October 7, 2012), "Bart & Homer's Excellent Adventure" had Bart going back in time and prevented his parents from meeting. Though unlike Marty McFly, Jules and Verne, he is still born in the future despite his mother marrying someone else.
  • In the comic story, "Bart Like Me", Bart is in pursuit of his rival Brad (a.k.a. Larry Baxter). To keep up with Larry, Bart holds onto the car of the former, while riding his skateboard in a similar fashion to Marty doing so with trucks. The story is interrupted by Professor Frink who explains that Bart was able to pull the stunt through centripetal and gravitational force, and advises the readers not to do so unless they want to "End up as a McFly" on some's windshield".[1]



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