Baseball was a sport that involved two teams; one that would pitch a ball to another team's hitter and then catch it. Points were given for complete runs around a baseball diamond. The way to score was to hit balls far away enough from those in the outfield to where they could not return it in time to prevent a run; a home run put the ball over the wall or into the crowd.


On June 13, 1931, Kid Tannen expresses concern to Arthur McFly about his criminal activities being exposed as the DA is tossing out subpoenas like Babe Ruth. Arthur informs him that Ruth isn't playing baseball any more.

Howard's daughter was selling Sophie Mae peanut brittle for $5.00 a case to raise money for her baseball team. She turned up at the McFly residence wearing her baseball team uniform and carrying an entire crate of peanut brittle, accompanied by her father Howard, who pressured George McFly to purchase the case.

Griff Tannen owned a Kirk Gibson Jr. Slugger 2000 adjustable bat though not for baseball. While in 2015, Marty McFly saw a newsflash that the Chicago Cubs defeated a team from Miami with a five-game sweep (out of nine) to win the World Series.

A pitcher had been suspended for the use of a bionic arm "without calibration", according to the Newsline column on the front page of the October 22, 2015 issue of USA Today.

In 1985A, Lewis owned a wooden baseball bat, which he used for defending his family.

In 1986F, Biff Tannen used an aluminum baseball bat as a weapon when committing various crimes along with his brothers Riff and Cliff. Biff was about to strike Marty with his bat, only to hit the bug zapper, electrifying him and his brothers as a result.

In 1986G, Biff (who was being controlled by his Citizen Plus wristwatch by Edna Brown) assaulted George McFly with an aluminum bat. He left the bat behind, which convinced Marty that George was mugged.

Both Jules and Verne Brown played baseball. Marty's ancestor Pee Wee McFly was a pitcher for the Boston Beaneaters.

A Los Angeles Dodgers shirt was displayed on the wall of the Cafe 80's.


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