Beauregard Tannen

Beauregard Tannen was a General for the Confederate Army at the Battle of Chattanooga in February 1864.

Beauregard used the term "buttocks brains" before Verne Brown corrected him to say "butthead".


The two nights before the battle with Union forces, Beauregard's men encountered Verne Brown who had stolen the DeLorean time machine and entered the past at that point. He accused Verne of being a spy, and when Verne had no answer, Tannen forced him to wear an uniform and play the drums. Little did Verne realize that the drummer boys were prime Union targets.

On the day of the battle, Beauregard led his forces, including Verne and Marty McFly towards the Union army's forces charging in their direction. Both armies were temporarily disabled by Doc Brown's large electromagnet which took their guns from them. When the machine ceased working, the battle was back on and the forces nearly clashed. Just then Jules Brown was thrown into the middle of the field and Verne clutched him. The show of affection between brothers stopped the battle. Beauregard was reluctant at first to show mercy, but eventually he made a truce with Union General Ulysses S. Clayton. After the truce, Beauregard chased the time travelers back to the train.


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