חזרה לעתיד כרזה עברית

Behazara La'Ateed is the Israeli version of Back to the Future. It was released on December 6, 1985.

There were no big differences because the film was in English with Hebrew subtitles, rather than being dubbed into Hebrew.

Emmett Brown's catchphrase "Great Scott!" was translated in the on-screen subtitles to either "!אלוהים אדירים"("Great God!") or "חזיז ורעם ("Firecracker and thunder!").

George McFly's line "I'm your density", when he meant to say 'destiny', was translated in the subtitles to גורל ("goral", meaning 'destiny') and גולה ("gula", meaning 'marble').

The film was actually first distributed as חזרה לעתיד (Hazara La'Ateed) meaning 'return to the future'. But the current and right name is still Behazara La'Ateed. Even though, the Hebrew translation of George Gipe's novelization was still called Hazara La'Ateed.

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