Billy Stockhausen
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"During his frequent moods of quiet self-analysis, George McFly managed to dissect his psyche, for he did worry about his own lack of grit. He thought it all went back to one occasion in grade school when he was accosted by the class bully. The bully had just punched his friend Billy Stockhausen and for a split second George was so angry he literally saw the red that everyone talks and writes about. Stepping up to the bully, he pulled his fist back — / And couldn't strike. The bully merely smirked and walked away. Since that moment thirty-five years ago, George wondered what might have happened if he had followed through. His happiest fantasy was that his single punch would have sent the bully into oblivion. But even if the bully had hit back and he had learned the give-and-take of combat, might that not have been better than the cowardly limbo, never-take-a-chance attitude George had trapped himself in all these years?"
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, page 32 and 33)

Billy Stockhausen was a friend of George McFly's during their youth in grade school.


When the school bully punched Billy at age 11, George almost stood up for him, but pulled away at the last second — starting his downhill spiral of gullibility and tendency to being pushed over.