Edna Strickland's binoculars.

Binoculars, much like telescopes, are an instrument used to view objects from a great distance. Unlike telescopes, however, both eyes can be used.



A pair of binoculars hanging around George's neck.

In his teenage years, George McFly used a pair of binoculars to spy on Lorraine Baines from a tree. On November 5, 1955 a time traveling Marty caught in him in the act.


Marty McFly looking through a pair of binoculars.

Upon returning to November 12 of the same year, Dr. Emmett Brown gave Marty a pair of binoculars to keep track of Biff as he tried to retrieve the Grays Sports Almanac.


In 1986, Edna Strickland used binoculars to spy on people in the Courthouse Square, whom she believed to be causing trouble. When visiting to return a shoe to her, Marty was allowed to use them and looked at the Valley Video, discovering that the building was first built in 1932.


A view seen by looking through binoculars.

By 2015, a new type of binoculars, called a binocular card, was invented. These were the same shape and size as a credit card, and could also take pictures. During October 21, Doc used a binocular card to keep watch of Marty McFly Jr..