Bitchin' was a slang term first used in the early 1960s. It resurfaced in the early 1980s, gaining popularity due to its presence in Moon Unit Zappa's 1982 hit "Valley Girl." It popped up again in 1985's "Back to the Future." The meaning never changed, though -- it always meant "cool" or "totally awesome."

Behind the scenes

  • The term is heard only once in the Back to the Future films, specifically in Part II, when Marty is in Hilldale in 2015 and says "Hilldale? This is bitchin'!" From Marty's 1985 point of view, Hilldale was the newest subdivision in Hill Valley and a "bitchin'" place to live. Thirty years later, however, the neighborhood had become a slum, and 47-year-old Marty probably thought it was a bitch to live there.


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