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"Doc picked up a fallen blackboard and propped it up against the table. Another moment's search, and he had located a piece of chalk. / Doc drew a straight line on the blackboard. / 'Imagine that this line represents time. Here's the present, 1985 —' / He wrote '1985' in the center of the line. / 'The past —' / He wrote 'PAST' to the left. / 'And the future.' / To the right of '1985', he scrawled a big fat 'F'. / 'Now, prior to this point in time' — he pointed again to 1985 — 'somewhere in the past' — he put an 'x' above the line in the past — 'the time line was skewed' — he drew another line, from the bottom of the past, straight down toward the bottom of the blackboard — 'resulting in this alternate 1985. Alternate to you, me and Einstein, but reality for everyone else.' "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 124)

A 'blackboard', also sometimes referred to as a 'chalkboard', was a large, hard, flat black surface which could be written on with chalk.

Emmett Brown found a blackboard in his trashed lab in 1985A, on which he drew a diagram to explain to Marty McFly about the nightmarish alternate reality where they had arrived on returning from 2015 in the DeLorean time machine.


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