The Starlighters piano player
Bob Jordan
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Played byLloyd L. Tolbert
"The sound and jolt brought Bob Jordan back to earth with a bang. Seated behind the wheel of the Cadillac, the young black man was enjoying a marijuana cigarette while awaiting the rest of the band. As the drummer of the group, he had moved his gear out early while Marvin Berry did his familiar solo guitar closing. Halfway into the joint, he had grown sleepy and contented, so much so that he hadn't heard the scuffling feet and voices until they were accompanied by the trunk lid slamming."
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, page 212)

Bob Jordan was the drummer of The Starlighters.


Jordan was enjoying a marijuana cigarette in the band's Cadillac during a break between sets when Biff's gang threw Marty McFly into the trunk of the car. When Marty was having trouble playing the guitar for "Earth Angel", Jordan asked him what was wrong, and Marty replied "I can't play!" Marty recovered, however, after George McFly kissed Lorraine, ensuring that they would become his parents.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the film, Reginald (who owned the car) played the drums at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.
  • Jordan is only mentioned by name in the novelization. When Marty is having trouble playing the guitar, it is Bob Jordan who asks "Hey man, what's wrong?" In the film, a similar line ("Hey boy, are you all right?") is spoken in the film by the man playing the piano, who is nearest to Marty.
  • Coincidentally, actor Lloyd L. Tolbert, who played the piano in the film, is an accomplished drummer, though he is better known for playing the keyboards on the movie soundtrack, and for producing music for other artists.


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