Marty finds that Biff's bodyguards in 1985A look awfully familiar...


Marty gives the gang the slip in the hotel stairwell.

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After Marty gives the gang the slip, Skinhead (back to the camera), 3-D and Match (on the staircase in the background) continue to run down the stairs in the hotel stairwell.

A bodyguard was a person, or sometimes a group of people, employed to protect someone.


In the alternate timeline where Biff Tannen had used a sports almanac he received from his older 2015 self to successfully bet on sporting events and amass a fortune, his gang from 1955Skinhead, Match and 3-D — were working for him as bodyguards at Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel.

After finding Marty McFly in the Biff Tannen Museum, the gang knocked him out and took him upstairs to the twenty-seventh floor where Biff had his penthouse. After Marty confronted Biff about the almanac and escaped, Biff went to the telephone and ordered his bodyguards to take care of Marty permanently.

Marty managed to give the gang the slip in the hotel stairwell by hopping the railing to get to another staircase leading to the roof, while the three men continued to run down the stairs.

Behind the scenes[]

  • During the scene where Marty is watching the documentary on the video monitor at the entrance of the Biff Tannen Museum, a uniformed security guard behind him starts talking into his personal radio — no doubt tipping off Skinhead, Match and 3-D as to Marty's presence and whereabouts.
  • In an earlier draft of the script, Marty distracted the gang by throwing a 25¢ coin (known as a quarter) into the stairwell. This idea was not used in the finished movie, but was reinstated by Craig Shaw Gardner for the novelization.


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