Mr. Strickland wears a bow tie at Hill Valley High School in 1955.

Bill Nye in Clara's Folks

Bill Nye, in his lab coat and bow tie, during the video encyclopedia files featured in the closing live-action segments of Back to the Future: The Animated Series.

A bow tie (also sometimes spelled as bowtie or bow-tie) was a necktie worn tied around the neck in a bow.

It was part of the everyday attire of principal Stanford S. Strickland at Hill Valley High School in both 1955 and 1985. However, it remains unknown as to whether Mr. Strickland also wore a bow tie at any time outside of school hours.

Black bow ties were worn with the smart khaki uniforms sported by the attendants at the Texaco service station in 1955.

Unlike the multiple ties and the transparent necktie, the bow tie was not known to have a futuristic equivalent in 2015.

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