In 1885, Seamus McFly was a regular wearer of bowler hats.

A bowler hat, also known as a derby hat, is a hat with a bowl-shaped crown, which was first made in the 19th century.



Marty McFly wearing one of Seamus McFly's bowler hats.

In 1885, Seamus McFly regularly wore bowler hats, though numerous people, including Buford Tannen disliked Seamus' taste.

"You ain't Seamus McFly. You look like him, though. Especially with that dog-ugly hat."
—Buford Tannen mistakes Marty for Seamus, due to him wearing one of the latter's bowler hats.

When Marty McFly arrived in 1885 and stayed at the McFly farm under the alias of Clint Eastwood, Seamus lent him a straw bowler hat. When Buford encountered Marty at the Palace Saloon, he mistook Marty for Seamus due to the hat. Upon seeing that Marty was not Seamus, Buford joked that Marty looked like Seamus due to their physical resemblance, and "that dog-ugly hat", a remark which drew laughs from Buford's gang, and caused Marty to remove the hat.


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