The Brown residence was a residence where Emmett Brown, his wife Clara, their two sons Jules and Verne, and their dog Einstein all lived in 1991. It was located north of Courthouse Square.

The above-ground structures consisted of a water tower and two buildings, one the home in which the Brown family lived, and the other serving as a garage and a laboratory.




An aerial view of the Brown house.

The house contained a living room, a kitchen, and the bedrooms of the occupants. The kitchen was located on the ground floor. It is possible that Emmett's workshop is located in this house, as he appears to create the laser-tracking eyeglasses without leaving the building, and sounds of drilling, hammering, and sawing can be heard.



The exterior of the Laboratory.

As well as the main house, it included a separate building that was used as a garage and laboratory. The DeLorean time machine was stored in this building, as well as the JEB Cross-Time Headliner.

The building was quite spacious, although the edges of the room were usually occupied by Emmett Brown's inventions. There were at least three floors, which may or may not have included the mezzanine level. These floors could only be accessed when the retractable stairs were rotated into the correct position.

The third floor contained a computer, a motorbike, a hammock, a dartboard, and an object that appeared to be either a fridge or a vending machine. The third floor appears to be mainly used by Jules and Verne, as it also contains a slide that leads all the way back down to the garage level. Another way of exiting the garage existed in the form of rocket-propelled boots on a track that led out of the window, sending the user into the sky.

There was a hatch in the ceiling that could be used to access the roof. One way of doing this was via a boat that had been modified to allow levitation.

Underground Hangar


The Jules Verne Train launches from the tunnel.

A hangar for the Jules Verne Train was located underneath the house. It could be accessed through the laboratory, either through a minecart system that led directly into the hangar, or down a slide that one could slide down and join the minecart track at a later point.

The Jules Verne Train was situated on an hydraulic platform that ascended until it was level with the exit tunnel, at which point the train could exit near the garage. A launch ramp was situated by the tunnel entrance, so that the train could fly into the sky.

Emmett's Workshop


Emmett Brown in his workshop.

This room can be seen at the beginning and end of most episodes of the animated series. It is unclear where this room is supposed to be located, or indeed if it is part of the laboratory building. This room was used by Emmett Brown to record his experiments.

It contained a large chalkboard and a portrait of Albert Einstein.


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