Wilbur's 1952 Buick Super Riviera.

The Super was a vehicle manufactured by Buick from 1940 to 1958.


On November 5 1955, an elderly man named Wilbur drove past Lyon Estates in a dark red-colored Buick Super Riviera, when he and his wife saw a young man in a strange yellow suit near a futuristic-looking car. Wilbur began to slow down for the stranger, but his wife became frightened and forced him to drive on.

The Buick Super Riviera's license plate number was 4S28359.


A black Buick Super parked on Second, with the rear door opening.

On November 8, a black Buick Super was parked on Second Street next to the Hill Valley Courthouse. During the skateboard chase, when Marty went down Second Street on his makeshift skateboard with Biff and his gang chasing him in Biff's convertible, the Super's rear door opened and a man was about to get out. However, upon seeing Marty and Biff's gang approaching, the man got back in the car and shut the door, while Marty turned and passed the front of the Courthouse with Biff in pursuit.


The man exiting the Super returns to the safety of his vehicle as he sees Marty approaching.

The license plate of the black Buick Super was 7R 53624.


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