Burger King 1969

Burger King logo in 1985.

Burger King is a fast food restaurant chain that had at least one location in Hill Valley in 1985.



Marty McFly exits the Burger King parking lot adjacent to Doc's garage.

McFly family dinner

Dave McFly (on the far left) wears his Burger King uniform at dinner.

A Burger King restaurant on John F. Kennedy Drive was adjacent to Doc's garage and, judging from the number of Burger King wrappers on the floor of his residence, he ate from there quite regularly.

In the first timeline, Dave McFly worked at a Burger King during the Friday evening shift. Other than the fact that he was wearing a Burger King uniform, that he looked at the time and said "Goddammit, I'm late", that the family has just lost its own car, there is no indication that anyone is going to pick him up for work, and that he told his mother "C'mon Mom, make it fast, I'll miss my bus" when she asked him to "kiss your mother before you go", there is no evidence of Dave taking the bus to work on-screen. (In the novelization, Dave has his own car, described as "a heap" (page 37).) While nearly everybody would draw that conclusion, some have questioned that because this has not been proven beyond all doubt. An alternative — though really unlikely — explanation may be that Dave simply liked wearing a Burger King uniform so much, he wore it whenever he rode a bus, even when he did not have to go to work.  

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  • The building before the location closed in real-world Los Angeles, California.
  • "John F. Kennedy Drive"

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