Marty with a car battery

Marty McFly sets down the car battery that powers Doc's electric hoe.

A car battery was a rechargeable battery that supplied electrical energy to power a motor vehicle.


In 1955, just hours before Marty McFly crashed into their barn in the DeLorean time machine, the Peabody family had been discussing purchasing a new car battery from Sears, having heard from Mart Petersen that their old car battery was worn out and needed replacing. The children, Martha and Sherman, had wanted a television set which Sears also sold.

The four-year car batteries on sale at Sears were $14.95, which Otis Peabody considered too much — but he agreed to leave the money so his wife Elsie could go and buy one.

In 1984, Dr. Emmett Brown made an electromagnet from a wire wrapped around a screwdriver and the car battery that powered his electric hoe. He loaned them to Marty for the science project that his teacher, Mrs. Zawadski, had assigned.

In 1986G, Marty used the car battery that Doc had installed in the DeLorean time machine from 2015 to power a hoverwheel, allowing him to hover over the gate that guarded Hill Valley in this timeline.


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