The Essex Theater showing Cattle Queen of Montana in 1955.

Cattle Queen of Montana was a movie playing at the Essex Theater in Hill Valley on November 5, 1955, and it was still showing on November 12. As noted on the theater marquee, the film starred Barbara Stanwyck, and co-starred Ronald Reagan, who was the President of the United States when Marty McFly left 1985.

Behind the scenes

Released by RKO Pictures in 1954, the film, a Western, had already been out for a year by the time that it was shown at the Essex, suggesting that Hill Valley did not get first-run movies in 1955. The Atomic Kid, playing at the Town Theater, had also been released in 1954. Stanwyck portrayed Sierra Nevada Jones, an independent woman rancher in the man's world of cattle driving, while Reagan's character was named Farrell. Character actor Burt Mustin (whose recurring role as Gus in Leave it to Beaver was said by Bob Gale to be one of the character influences for Emmett Brown) had a small role in the film.

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