Bufords gang
Ceegar (In the center)
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Played bySean Gregory Sullivan
"I'd say he's the runt of the litter."
—Ceegar referring to Marty
"Careful, Buford, you only got the one bullet with that."
—Ceegar warning Buford
—Ceegar caught Marty and Doc escaping from the Palace Saloon

Ceegar was a member of Buford's gang in 1885.


Ceegar was the tallest of Buford's gang and usually stood between the other two. When the four of them chased Marty McFly out of the Palace Saloon, Ceegar vaulted over the back of his horse and into the saddle.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Ceegar was portrayed by Sean Gregory Sullivan, although he was never called by name in the film. His name only appeared in a screenplay of Part III, and was seen smoking a cigar in the novelization. He was called "Buford's gang member #2" in the credits.
  • As with Crispin Glover and Jeffrey Weissman, Sullivan has also portrayed artist Andy Warhol on film.