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Charles Dickens (February 7, 1812-June 9, 1870) was a writer from England. One of his most notable works was A Christmas Carol, which was published in 1843.

References to Charles Dickens[]

 When hoping to get Marty and the rest of the Brown family to mellow out during a heatwave during July of 1991, Doc decided they should go to December 24, 1845 after Clara mentioned it being as "hot as the dickens",  which inspired Doc to take the family to a Christmas time visit to 19th century London .Doc and Marty borrowed a page from the famous Dickens story, with Marty posing as the Ghost of Christmas to scare Ebiffnezer Tannen. Verne Brown and Marty McFly traveled to France at some point in the 1800s in hopes of Verne convincing his namesake, Jules Verne to change his name. A name Marty suggested was Charles Dickens, which, along with other names suggested by the time travelers, was rejected.  

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Bob Gale stated in his commentary to Part I that A Christmas Carol was an example of time travel fiction that influenced his interest.
  • The word "dickens" as used in "Hot as the dickens" has nothing to do with Charles Dickens.  As early as the 16th Century, "dickens" was a slang word for Hell. 


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